Friday, June 25, 2010

As Promised........

Its taken me a while to get this up on the blog, i have a ton to get done and oh so very little time to do it in. So here we go! We kick things off with the Goodban wedding! Jen and i had the great pleasure of photographing Dales wedding, i have know Dale and his family since he was just a little kid. So it was really neat for me to be able to capture his and Lori's special day. I couldnt have asked for more laid back people, everything that came up they had a total go with the flow attitude and they gave me total control over the photos. Its always so nice and easy to work with couples that hire you because they like your work and are not trying to control your images. The day was perfect, sun was out, no rain and best of all great people. The reception was awesome too!! All the little kids took to the dance floor and 2 in particular turned out to be little break was awesome. So heres an extra dose of sweet images from their day, my apologies for taking so long. More to come in the nest few days! So stay tuned. ENJOY!!

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