Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who could ask for more?!

I sure cant!!! Well our adventure has officially began, we are now in Hawaii for 3/12 weeks. Its incredible to even think about and humbling to see how much God has blessed us with just being able to do this. So we have had our 1st full day in Kauai, the scenery is beautiful as always, and our time here has been awesome. Seems like theres a couple storms passing through here so the water is a little choppy and murky, snorkeling today was kind of a bust as far as shooting turtles or fish goes. So i shifted to shooting water instead, sounds weird but youll see in a minute. I did manage to get a few turtle shots when we 1st arrived though! Today i went out and shot some sunset stuff which was as always incredible fun! Well thats all for now and i know youre just here for pictures plus were getting up in a few hours to catch sunrise at the North Shore. So here you go....Enjoy!!

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