Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aloha from the Big Island!!!

We are currently enjoying our final night here on the Big Island, right now we are in Kona quietly enjoying some coffee at Lava Java (mmmmmm). Our time has come and gone and as always there is SO MUCH that we were not able to see and yet we leave with a very satisfying feeling know that we saw some incredible things. Here we enjoyed visiting the north shore (kona has been covered by vog) driving on the Hilo side of the island (talk about green!), eating tons of delicious fruits including guavas picked right off of the tree, farmers markets (weird i know but they are kinda fun) offroading (so glad we got a jeep)........waterfalls, snorkeling, going to the southern most point in the U.S., food food food!!! The list could go on and on, suffice it to say we have had an absolute blast, the Big Island is a daunting task not only to see but to even try to photograph in 9 day. It is absolutely gorgeous here, the diversity in climate and wildlife is just staggering at times. We hope to coma back someday soon, for now here are some of my favorites from this leg of our trip, there is a significantly lower number of photos on this post compared to the last, this is not due to lack of content but because i have not been spending to much time in front of the computer editing. Now we are off to Maui for the final leg of our journey. Aloha for now.......

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