Friday, June 19, 2009

The Adventure Continues....

Well our week on Kauai has now come and gone, while it is always very sad to leave we look forward to the next time that we can come and visit. Our trip this year was absolutely fantastic! We got to enjoy driving the island in a convertible, explored some new beaches and areas of the island that we had not been to before, eat fresh food, chat it up with the locals and met a new friend! I was a little bummed though since i was really looking forward to hanging out with my buddy Thad but it just never happened. The Lord blesses though and HE blessed us with a new friend on the island, her name is Maya and she is such a wonderful and giving person. Just being around her makes life contagious, you just cant help but smile and enjoy life hanging out with her. Anywho, we had man many experiences and memories that we will treasure for years to come, we are now on the Big Island with Jens family and are looking forward to exploring this island some more and having some sweet adventures. Stay tuned as i now have wifi and will try to keep you updated regularly. Theres tons of pitures to work on but heres some of my faves so far......Enjoy!!

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