Thursday, February 05, 2009

Slowly settling.........slooooowly

Wow!!!! time just fly's and fly's!!! I cannot believe that we are now in february and i am soooooo behind on everything!! Life has recently been consumed by moving unpacking and getting everything back up and running and yes this includes my office. After weeks now of working on projects around the house (which by the way NEVER end, you just keep finding new things to fix) i feel like im finally making some headway. The office is starting to look organized albeit still messy but its getting there, i finally have internet access again!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Alas my MacBook Pro is still a paper weight, this has only servd to slow m down lately as there is work on there that i really need in order to move forward on some things. So yes progress is being made, its slow but were getting there. Jen and i are all moved in to our new house and we LOVE IT!!! Still unpacking and organizing stuff but its all here in one place. I have been settling into my new homeowner duties around here such as cleaning, disposing of stuff, watering the trees, mowing the lawn, installing things, removing things and the list goes on and on. Jen has officially started tax season so now its up to me to make sure that the home life is as easy for her as possible. Anywho, i have photos and tons and tons of updates coming your way so sit tight, The next few weeks will be somewhat crazy but ill try to post as much as i can and put up some photos of the house. Until next time.......

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