Thursday, January 22, 2009

Congrats to Tiffany and Sam....

Yes i am INCREDIBLY behind on everything right now and that includes updating the blog, working and getting the house ready for moving in has made things a little stressful. Anywho, i posted a blog update a while back saying that this full post was coming soon and that turned into a much longer time period than i wanted to. So here i am finally getting this up in all of its glory!!!! So yes 2008 was a great year and towards the end we got to shoot 2 weddings that were A LOT of fun!! Tifanny and Sam's was our 2nd to last wedding of the year and one that i had been looking forward to shooting since i shot their engagement photos. As it always is towards the end of the year the weather was a bit of a concern but i forget that we live in Souther California and we dont really have "weather" per say so the day was clear and sunny. Everything was perfect, and everyone was just a blast to be around. Tiffany's brother Scott or Fluffy Duffy as we affectionately call him was part of the wedding party and just a lot of fun to be around. Everyone was seriously laid back and calm it was AWESOME!!!! Not only that but both Tiffany and Sam were so cool about shooting and just let me do pretty much whatever i wanted wich was so cool. Well after the ceremony and all the photos we had to brace ourselves for a reception that was OFF THE HIZZLE!!! hahahaha it was seriously a blast and dear lord the amount of air guitar that was busted out by all was seriously incredible. So there you have it, all that just to say that their wedding was such an incredible time to be there and shoot it. Thank you guys for making everything so fun.

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