Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back Home....

No not California but the beautiful island of Kauai. I feel more at home here then I do anywhere else, yes im sure everyone is thinking “of course you do, who wouldn’t want to live there” I think its more than that though, theres just something about this place that I really connect with. I feel it even more this trip as I have gotten to hang out an talk with some of the locals which has been a lot of fun. Every time that I come back I always get that great feeling as if im about to see a really close friend that you haven’t seen I n a long time, it just lifts your spirit. Despite all of the great things about being here there is a big down side to it, my lovely wife was not able to come with me this time. No I am not just saying that because it is the thing to say, but I genuinely miss her presence and all of the wity things that she says. Driving around just isn’t as fun without her here to share it, being by myself does afford me a benefit though as I get the opportunity to shoot until im tired basically. So that brings us to photos, these are all from the past 2 days, I know that usually I have a ton to post but this trip I have tried to be a lot more methodical about how I shoot. It has been really cool to really concentrate on the quality of the shots as opposed to trying to get as much as I possibly can. Hopefully that will come across clearly in the photos when you see them. So for now heres some photos for you to enjoy

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