Monday, August 18, 2008

The surface of the sun....(a taste)

We werent on it, but sure felt like we might as well have been on it. Photo nerds young and old gathered for a day of photolicious awesomeness at the Salton was broughten!!!! More pictures and details to come.......for now let your eyes feast on this.

The full scoop:

Ok so by now you know that i got together with some homies and we dumped an awesome bomb on the Salton Sea. It was a sweet time out there, with Jack and Jamie (who i have known since we were wee ones) and then a few of Jamies photo nerd friends Sly the photo guy (super funny and apparently paranoid of mosquitos and west nile virus) Cindy ( who if im correct is one of Jamies brookie friends) and then 2 young ones Chad ( who jamie did a family portrait for his fam) and Jordan.........i hope i got that right. Seriously this is how dumb i am with names, poor Jordan i kept calling him Jason ALL DAY LONG!!!! Anywho, the whole group of us went out to the Salton Sea for some phototastic shooting. The place was walking on the surface of the sun, it was ridiculously hot and we went through a ton of water. Im actually surprised we lasted all day, because we were all getting dizzy cus of the heat oh and did i mention the smell? yeah. i know the salton sea is a rank place but dang, this time took the cake!! Just imagine the worst fart youve smelled in your whole life, yeah the one that smells like rotten eggs and throwup. ok take that, times it by like a billion oh and add the fact of it baking in stagnant air in 108 degree heat and you have a fraction of what it smelled like out there. There was dead fish EVERYWHERE and dead birds and probably dead people out there too, but it was all good because the place had lost none of its creepy charm. Not a cloud in the sky which was a bummer but it just added to the challenge of shooting, i really want to go out there when its cooler and take some sweet engagement photos or do a trash the dress sesh out there. The place just lends itself to portraiture its flippin awesome, this trip was really cool because i got to see more of the area. Sly had been out there before with his GPS and tagged some sweet locations. I could go on and on, but ill stop here since ive written to much already. Heres some photos.

i have a few more that i will post up tomorrow so stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the shots from Salton Sea - just wondering how you achieve the look on the portrait of the young guy and the two guys in the background. I love the worn out vintage look you have there. Thanks for your time.