Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The amazing Thad Nakao...

Very few times in life do you get to meet a true artist, not just someone who has incredible talent but someone who is always in the constant pursuit of perfecting their craft. Thad is one of those few people who i would consider true artist, hes a tattoo artist that i met on Kauai a few years ago. At that time it was just a chance meeting as i was looking at getting a tattoo done and Thad came highly recommended. I had no idea at the time that over the years we would develop an ongoing friendship, Thad also loves photography, but the bond we share goes beyond similar interest in photography. I came to find that made us good friends was our similar views when it comes to our work. We both relentlessly pursue more knowledge in our fields, are never satisfied by what we do, are constantly experimenting and devote enormous amounts of time to what we do. This last trip to the island was great because i got to spend a lot more time talking with Thad and getting to know him and what drives him and came to appreciate his artwork all the more. I could go on and on like this, but i will say this, by far he is one of the most talented tattooist that i have met. His devotion to his work and the quality of it is uncanny, if you want someone who will not just give you a tattoo then i highly recommend that you go and see him if youre ever on the island. Truly what makes Thads work special though is that he makes you feel like you are special and unique and truly makes getting the tattoo a memorable experience. Check him out, I guarantee that you wont be disappointed. These few images are quite dark and in black and white, as we both enjoy the simplicity of B&W and love making things dark. Enjoy!!!

Check out Thads MySpace to see more of his work.

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