Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 2..

Day 2 was a lot of fun!! I went down to Tamarrack Beach in Carlsbad to test out the New autofocus system with some surfers. Nikon put the new 51 point auto focus system into the D300 and it is absolutely incredible, its fast and very responsive and the new 3D tracking mode is nothing short of spectacular. After shooting some surfing shots i determined that i need bigger lenses.....hahahahaha it never ends. I was shooting in the afternoon so all the light was to the surfers backs which made things interesting for exposure but the D300 took it like it was nothing. After that i went and shot some stuff on the sand and did some long exposures, the files are incredible and the color is simply beautiful i couldnt believe how much information there was in the photos. So without further ado here is day 2.

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