Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And now on to the main event....

Having had the D300 for 3 days now and taken it out shooting in various conditions i can begin to form a solid opinion. So here it is..........WOW!!!! This camera is absolutely incredible and in my opinion far surpasses the D200, dont get me wrong i loved my D200's and they opened the doors to many more creative possibilities. In all honesty though i had my gripes with and was a little disappointed with its performance, especially in the high ISO area. I just felt that i could get a far cleaner image at high ISO's with me D1x which was several years older than the brand new D200. Now having the D300 i can say that i am blown away, the images are clean and shooting at ISO 800 is something i can do without giving it a second thought.......and yes i shot at ISO 2000!!!! Is the image noisy? Its grainy but lots of detail too and still a usable image this is huge coming from the D200 that shooting at ISO 1000 was something that i wouldnt even fathom. I wont go into to much detail on this post as i will post some of my likes and dislikes of the new camera in a later post. For now ill just leave you with some images, when it arrived i put the batteries on the chargers and started reading the manual and watching some tutorials online ( im one of those weird guys that actually reads the manual before i use something). After that my buddy mike baca and i went up north chasing some clouds, but a las by the time we left the clouds had gone. So we pulled off the freeway in san juan capistrano and shot around the town. Nothing breathtaking just putting the camera through its paces. So here is day 2 will be up shortly. Enjoy!

This image i shot using the live view feature.....its amazing and more useful than you would think...

Mr Baca

ISO 2000

Both of these are ISO 1000

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