Monday, December 31, 2007

Why live anywhere else?

I was out scouting a location with my friend Lee Arnold for a photoshoot that i might do for Chamberlain Property Management (thats the company he works for). We went to check out this location that i have shot at before to get some idea as to what we can do and once we arrived and looked out at the water Lee says" God!!! Seriously why would you want to live anywhere else?!?!" While every place has its beauty i think he has a very good point, why live anywhere else. We are by the coast the weather is gorgeous, the views are gorgeous, we have all of these things going for us and yet its something that we living in California take for granted all to often. Im not one for shooting sunsets and it seems that i have been doing a lot of that lately, but when youre hit with truth like that and beauty is staring you right in the face........what else can you do but point a camera at it and try to capture it. Heres some photos. Enjoy.

If youre ever looking to buy a place in Carlsbad then you should check out Chamberlain, they are seriously top notch and some of the best people in the business.

1 comment:

blaine said...

"Why live anywhere else?"

Cuz it's beautiful other places too!!! :)

I miss sd though... that sunset was sick!