Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Its not Hawaii....

But ill take living in California as a very close second, as much as i love all the consistent weather i also love it when we get nice storms that go through here. Bad weather makes for better photos, after a nice little drive from Big Bear with my brother David and our friend Mike i finally got home. I was exhausted but i looked out the window and saw that there were some sweet clouds in the sky. Tired as i was i couldnt just got to sleep, not when theres photos to be taken. So off i went all my gear with me i took off and headed to Carlsbad, not having enough time to drive around and scope a spot i went to Tamarrack, a beach i know well, and waited for a little while as the sun dipped further and further into the horizon. I had an amazing time running around setting up shots and doing it before i lost to much light. So here they are, hope you like them.

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