Friday, December 07, 2007

Future of Forestry...

Tonight The Jordan (North Coast Church College Group) had a special treat, the band Future of Forestry came in to play worship. I was supposed to to do sound for them but i had a photo shoot come up at the last minute and both the events overlapped, i was really bummed but such is life sometimes. I did stop by the church after my shoot to check them glad that i did. Im not really one for Christian music but do appreciate Christian artist that are creative and arent totally "christianise" i dont know if that makes sense at all. Fututure of Forestry is one of those bands that i really appreciate though and i feel can make a big impact. These guys are awesome and it was so much fun listening play live, the Jordan is heldl in the Edge ( one of the venues at North Coast) which is great cus this room has a ton of really cool lights. I will say that i wish there was more light that fell on the actual band, theres great color everywhere but i have to drag my shutter so much to hold any detail in the people. One real nice treat for me thought was to see Eric Owyoung again, hes the lead man for FOF but i knew him way back in the day when he was in Something like Silas. That was like 7 years ago and back in the days when i 1st started to do sound at the time flies. Back then i taught them how to wrap their cables the right way, the over under method, i guess for all these years they affectionately referred to this method as the Lorenzo Wrap......hahahahaha its nice to be remembered after all these years. It as good to see you Eric, you guys sounded awesome!! Heres some photos.

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Chung Nguyen said...

I love these photos. Great colors, brilliant lighting, interesting angles - great job!

I went to a concert recently where the guy was photographing the event for his friends who were performing ... and he used the hot-shoe flash for every single shot! *shiver* But then again, his lens alone probably cost more than all of my equipment combined so maybe I shouldn't criticize. :P