Saturday, February 24, 2007


Whats so amazing? Well in this case 2 things:

1) My wife. She knows of my fascination with all things Oakley, and since my birthday is coming up she got me this really cool Oakley jacket..........and SOCKS!!!! I know i know whats so great about Oakley.......i dont know i just have a facination for companies that have inovative and weird desings for their products. Oakley is certainly one of those companies and i have a lot of respect for their founder who started the company out of his basement.

2) My hair.......yes my hair. Aside from the fact that my hair grows like a weed my hair also does pretty much what it wants. Those of you who know me also know of the facination that i have with bed head (what hair looks like when you 1st get out of bed). Well my hair pretty much looks like that 24/7, most of the time though its only patches of my head that look messy..... but today my whole head had this messy look so it looked HUGE. So yeah thats it, those are the 2 amazing things, im sure you dont care but hey i think its cool and thats why it was worhty of a post. Heres some pics.

My new jacket and the hair....

And despite my scrubby appearance she still loves me........i am one lucky dude.

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