Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Darkhorse cometh......

So Friday night i was able to go down to Soma in San Diego and shoot a Hardcore metal show for the band Darkhorse. It was so much fun, and these guys are seriously talented. I love shooting shows and this one was no different........except that metal shows the crowd is seriously crazy. Its insane to see what happens in the mosh pit.....sorry guys but i wasnt allowed to take pictures. I was a little bummed by the fact that 1) i couldn't get onstage and shoot, and 2) the security guard only let me shoot 2 and a half songs from the pit area in the front. All in all i was grateful that i was able to shoot at all, there were some other people there to shoot the other bands but they weren't allowed to shoot any pictures or video. Anywho, if you like Hardcore screaming get your adrenaline flowing, grow hair on your chest and make you crazy so you can go and kill people like you were a viking metal, then you should check out Darkhorse cus these guys seriously rock. I leave you now with highlights from the show. Shalom.

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