Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Glory of Loud Rock...

So on Thursday night the Jordan held a benifit concert for local outreach and missions. It happened after the Jordan service and went till about 11:30, well i love doing sound for concerts so i did sound for this one. Now at first i was kind of PO'd cus i already had to come in in the morning that day and then i found out the week before that theres this big concert going on and i was going to have to stay es bueno. Yet despite my crappy attitude i had a lot of fun and of course God being who He is put me in my place. HE likes to show me how small i am and remind me that im working for HIM....oh well, im cool with that. So yeah, the concert was a BLAST!!!! Three bands played, Fairlane, Thieves and Liars, and Long Live Logos. All three did awesome......and of course you know me i brought all my gear. I havent had a chance to shoot for a while cus i have been so busy so there was no way that i was going to pass this chance up, plus i love shooting live shows. I wasnt able to get pictures of Long Live Logos and thats becuse i was inhaling some hot dogs, hey an Indians got to eat too you know. I was a little preoccupied since i had to make sure that everything sounded alright and shoot pictures, so this is not my best work. I hope you have fun looking at them though cus i had a lot of fun taking them. Shalom.

These are pics. of Thieves and Liars, pictures of Fairlane will be up soon.

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