Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Vacation Continues...

Well we are no longer in Hollister, we are now in Fremont visiting Joel and Christy Enyart. They used to be our old neighbors and then they left us all alone with only our tears as companionship.......hahahaha just kidding. Its been really fun here, weve enjoyed catching with Joel and Christy and seeing their new baby girl (who is a pretty big baby now) Indiana. Jen and I went into San Francisco today, we rode the Bart in, that was fun. I LOVE SF, so much to see and do and so many things to photograph, its weird being here because eventhough we are still in California the culture is really different here so it feel like we are in a totally different state. We had a lot of fun today, after we went into the city we walked from the downtown part into Chinatown, saw part of little Italy and went down to fishermans warf (im sure i didnt spell that right) we saw the robot guy performing on the street there, he was cool. Oh and by the way the robot guy makes BANK, jen being the accountant that she is, figured that he probably makes about 40 bucks and hour, yeah you got it.....AMERICAN DOLLARS and all for dancing like a freaking robot!!! i am in the wrong line of work. Anywho, we have one day left here and will leave Thursday morning, Jen and i have loved our vacation but do look forward to being back home. Words cannot describe how amazing an experience this has been for me, i feel like i know my wife so much more and have come to appreciate the amazing woman that God has made her to be. Keep us in your prayers as we make our way back home on Thursday, we would greatly appreciate it. For now i leave you with some photos form the city and with a picture of the cutest baby i have seen to date. Shalom.

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