Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Menendi Are Alive...

Greetings to all, well if you have been checking you probably know by now that i did not have an internet conection up in Yosemite. Actually the hotel we stayed at did have an internet "kiosk" with dial up for 20 cents a minute.........hmmmmmm let me think? How about NO!!!! So that was that, but now we are out of the park and in Hollister staying with relatives. Thank you God for Panera and free WI-FI. OK so yes we are alive, we didnt get eaten by a bear or fall over a waterfall........although i did get eaten by mosquitos. They werent HUGE but there were millions of them EVERYWHERE, my legs look like they were through a war zone but i prevailed!!!! i still have most of my blood and somewhere in Yosemite many mosquitos are having memorial services for their loved ones.....MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! So our vacation so far has been awesome, Jennifer and i have been having a great time. Yosemite was of course beautiful and there was water everywhere. We had a blast while we were there, its simply indescribable. We look forward to returning next year and hopefully many times more. For now we will be in Hollister until Monday and then we head for San Francisco for 3 days we are very excited. Well i think that is all for now, and i leave you with pictures from the Valley. Hope you like them, and if you would like to get a hold of me then give me a call.Shalom.



blaine said...

panera bread, mmmmmmmm.

dialup internet, ewwwwwwww.

dialup internet for 20 cents a minute. now thats just repulsive.

blaine said...

o ya, sick pics zo.

i love 1, 3, 4 and 5 especially. where's the 10 stop ND pics?????

did they lose it in the mail? :-)