Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Fishy Point of View II.... Revenge of the Trout!!!!

Ok so on the title is weird but what can i say im a total nerd. On the last day that we were in Yosemite my wife and i decided to head up tp Glacier point to watch the sunset. Great idea we thought, so we waited around for the right time to leave and have enough time to watch problem, good plan. We left probably around 3:30-4:00 pm. It took us maybe 45 minutes to get up now we have a HUGE problem because the sun doesnt start to set until about 8 OCLOCK THESE DAYS!!!!!! Needless to say im an idiot and didnt catch this when we left. The view was absolutely beautiful, but we wanted to photograph the sunset and since everything in Yosemite is about 13,000 miles away we knew that we could not leave to go somewhere else and still be back in time for sunset. So at Glacier Point we stayed for 4 HOURS!!!!! Boredom starts to set in about 10 minutes after the 1st hour, and the only thing to do was talk to the squirrels and watch weird people go by. In our boredom i realized that i had just purchsed a fisheye lens........oh that wonderful peice of optical technology that makes ordinary things look funny. Yeah, we proceeded to have some fun with the fish eye!!!!! So long story short......we got bored so we took funny pictures of each other to pass the time. Arent you glad you read the whole thing just to get the short version at the end? I know you are. Hope you have a good laugh at our expense. Shalom.

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