Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Magic of NYC

We just recently returned from a short vacation to New York City. Cities are generally not my thing, but there is something oddly enchanting about New York that just makes you want to live there. Most other cities i can usually only stay in for about 3 days before i start going batty and look forward to being home, but i could see myself living in new york. We've gone 3 times now and every time its a new experience, some new food to try an new place to see, more history to soak in.....its awesome! This time around i would have to say that my favorite place by far was the Flatiron District, i loved going back to it and catching sunsets there. Not to mention the building itself is iconic and is associated with NYC, every time we've been to New York i always want to visit there but for some reason never got around to it. This time we finally went and i loved every minute of it. I have tons of photos for you so i will cut this short and let you have at them. ENJOY!

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