Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lake Calaveras......a slightly different view

A few weeks ago i decided to revisit Lake Calaveras, its not to far from our house so it was an easy area to revisit. I usually tend to shoot landscapes but this time around i felt like going for something a bit different. Lately i have confined my shooting to mornings and afternoons, to shoot when the light is soft and beautiful. Some might view this approach and limiting my creativity or that I'm taking an easy route since shooting in those times tends be easier. Contrast range isn't as high and many things that look terrible at different times of the day look beautiful in soft golden light. My theory is: why should i break my back trying to make a photo work in crappy light and hate the experience when i can have a much better and easier time achieving my goals by shooting in beautiful light? At any rate i had a lot of fun, got some exercise and photos i was happy with in the process. Enjoy!

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