Thursday, August 11, 2011

An untold adventure......

A while back i had a little grand adventure with some close friends out in the desert, we hung out all into the wee hours of the night taking pictures and shot many guns the next morning. For reasons that i cannot go into i was unable to share this grand adventure with you all, but it is nonetheless worthy of blogging. One of my favorite things to do while I'm out in the desert and at night time is to tinker with lights and take cool unique photos. Night time adds an air of mystery and a certain degree of unpredictability to everything and the deserts desolate landscape completes the package. Thrown in some fireworks and you've got yourself a winning combination! I love having friends that appreciate my obsession for a good photo and will not only indulge me with being in the photos but have incredible patience as i tweak things around to get the shot that i want. Often many wonder if i have any fun at all on these trips since I'm usually documenting things and not shooting guns or heavily participating in the activities. To be completely honest i have a total blast, i love to have the ability to document all our adventures and have good photos to look back on and relive those times. Plus my tinkering nature goes into overdrive and i love to experiment while I'm out there. I hope to have many more trips out there with good friends in the very near future.......but we will wait for when the sun isn't so stinking hot! Enjoy!

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