Monday, July 25, 2011

Sleepless nights

On a very recent trip to the desert with the boys i lay on my sleeping bag in the cool 90 degree night. With the moon shinning bright above there i lay covered in a fine film of sweat and dirt, my back sticking to my sleeping bag. Bugs everywhere whispering in the shadows conspiring amongst each other plans on how to attack me once i lost consciousness, with such favorable conditions why in the world wouldn't i be able to sleep......alas my attempts to drift off into sleeps welcoming embrace eluded me. Exhausted as i was it just was not going to happen, so accepting defeat i quietly as i could arose once again the moon was after all still high in the sky and giving off a lot of light and sunrise approached quickly. No use in burdening myself with an activity that would go nowhere, with camera gear and flashlights in hand i wandered. Off to find something that could hold my interest until the sun rules the skies once more, here is what i found. Enjoy!

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