Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sea creatures beware.....

for zo has the ability to go below the water with his camera now!!! muahahahahaha, yes i bought a new toy and have now added an underwater housing to the arsenal. I am extremely excited to have this new tool as it will open a whole new world of photography to me. So i got the housing yesterday so of course today you know where i was, thats right to the beach i went to try and get some sweet photos in the water. Now let me preface all of these images with the fact that i have never shot in the water before and it is going to be a very big adjustment to say the least. Still while i didnt get anything amazing my 1st time around it was still incredibly fun and exhausting!! Not only that but the water is FREEZING right now so the whole time im just numb and shivering it was pretty funny. Its going to take a long time to learn how to shoot in the water and get really good at it but i look forward to it and cant wait until i start getting some killer stuff. So whit out further ado heres my little adventure form today. Enjoy!!

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