Sunday, April 27, 2008

Change of plans.....

So today my wife and i were going to go snorkeling at the La Jolla cove, its about the only cool place that we know of around here that you can do snorkeling. Anything else is pretty much many hours away, in anticipation of our upcoming vacation to Hawaii we bought some snorkel gear and i bought an underwater housing for my camera (more on that later). Ok so we were totally excited for today as we had been planning to go for a couple of weeks and this was one one the few weekends we had free. Our hopes were dashed when a unfortunate and tragic event happened the day before last, a 66 year old man was attacked and killed by a shark in Solana Beach and 17+ mles of coastline were closed due to the attack.....this included La Jolla cove. They weren't arresting people if they went in the water, but even as dumb as i am im not stupid enough to go into the water with the possibility of a 12-17ft great white in the area. Not only that but every time i go to La Jolla i see tons of sea lions, yeah theyre cute and cuddly and just HAPPEN to be the main prey for great white sharks. Yeah im not going in the water, still i was bummed as my underwater housing has been sitting on my desk for about a week now and im itching to get out there. So with those plans now crushed we went to Coronado island with Will and Casie and it was a blast!!! Rented a surrey and rode around coronado, went to the beach were the wind was blowing like crazy. It was really weird and cool to see the sand blow across the landscape, plus i met some cool people as well. I got to meet John and his wife and some of his friends who were out there doing sand sculptures. He was way cool and we talked a little bit about why they go out there and sculpt (which is a new hobby that they recently discovered). John is a fellow christian and aside from enjoying sculpting sand he said there an added benefit. People get curious and stop to ask questions and this gives him an opportunity to share the gospel with them.......pretty sweet!! So that was our day today, heres some pics. Enjoy!!

oh and ill FINALLY do an update to my personal blog. its been what 50 years now?!?!

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