Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ominous weather.....

How cool is this weather?!?! Woke up today and saw all the dark clouds and that there had been some rainfall and immediately took off. Continued the blue experiment today, and shot pretty much everything at 2500k, it makes for some dark and cold feeling pictures. Ive also been playing around with my Speedlights, its great that they are wireless and i can put them just about anywhere and control the output right from the cameras menu. While im nowhere near mastering the technique of using multiple strobes its fun to experiment and learn new stuff. With all these dark clouds hanging around i love doing long exposures to show some movement in the images.......what does all this mean? It means that i had a BLAST!!! Not all of the pictures from today will be in blue, i converted some to B&W but i will post the alternate ones tomorrow probably. Well thats all for now, heres the shots from today, and remember that bad weather makes for better pictures. Enjoy!!

This is the alternate "blue" shot


Anonymous said...

personal favorites: the B&W version of the stop sign, the 3rd to last one with the intersection, and the very last one with the B&W motel sign in the sky

the others are awesome too, but those ones especially stick out to me


blaine said...

i love the black and whites... very moody and nice.