Thursday, January 18, 2007

Las vegas Pt. II...

Yes, ZO returned to Vegas and this time I had some company. I was there with my wife Jen, my brother inlaw William his wife Casie, and our fiends Kerry and his girlfriend Liz. The trip was a ton of fun, we hit some killer buffets, walked around a lot hit the penny slots and just hung out. Of course no trip would be complete without having some time to shoot, i went out one night to shoot some of the city at night but didnt get far. Usually a lot of the fountains are running and i like to include them in the shot to have some movement in the shot, but this year there has been some record cold temperatures and the fountains were shut down because the water freezes over. It was fun to go out and shoot though and i shot more just from the hip type shots of us haning out then actual set up stuff. We left on Thursday and made a stop at a ghost town along the way and spent most of the afternoon there. The trip was a blast and it was so much fun to hang out with Will and his wife and Kerry and Liz, i leave you now with a ton of shots from the trip. Enjoy.

Frozen water fountain on the way to vegas

Hard to clean the windows with an ice cube

your guess is as good as mine

Night time Vegas

Breakfast at the Paris Hotel....amazing

The Menendi

Kerry & Liz

The Wilsons

Vegas issued a wild animal alert....

Creepy mini mart we stopped at on the way home

Ghost Town

Henry the resident Ghost Town peacock

Goin home.....


Anonymous said...

Loved the peacock shots. ( Yeah I know I am the animal, bird, lizard do great people shots, but I always love what you see in nature! )

Anonymous said...

sweet stuff as always... love the yummy lookin deep blue polarized skies! mmmm.