Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sunday was a busy day....

Thats right, after dinner at the rents house i came home relaxed for a bit and then somewhere around midnight or one in the A.M. i signed on to IM. My homie Mike Baca came online and the question was asked "when are we going shooting?" so i asked "what are you doing right now?" and so it came to be that the dynamic duo ventured forth in search of night time photos. Our 1st stop was right here in Vista at the bus station, i only got one picture that i liked.

But there was just way to much light around to get anything that was really cool, so our second stop was down at the beach. Holy crap the moon was bright!!! I couldnt believe how much light was out there, we got some cool images. As soon as Mike gets off his butt and post his photos then i will put a link on here to his page. We had a blast and were out there until like 2:30 or so, i got home and was up a little longer passed out at about 4 am cus i was so exhausted. Mike, we have to go out again soon brotha, well thats all the post for now. Come back soon and check for more updates as i will be going on a little road trip up to SF and hope to have a lot of images to put up. Until next time, Shalom.

one last shot:

i know.........tacky but its still a fun shot.

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blaine said...

awesome shots. the last one with the moon looks totally real except for there is no reflection on the water. haha. its good though!