Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And now the Cbad Street fair...

Sunday was a good day, got to go to breakfast with my wife before she flew out to Seattle and after we were done with breakfast she dropped me off in Carlsbad. The street fair was going on so i decided to try and get some photos, plus there was family that i dont get to see very often in town and they setup a booth for the fair, so i decided to visit. The fair was a lot of fun and it was cahllenging for me, street shooting is not the normal thing i do so i was a little out of my element. Its good to strech yourself though, i got a few good shots but not as much as i was hoping to get........but there is always next year. About the only complaint that i have about the fair is that i kept getting approached by these Hari Krishna guys........these guys are like pests. You know the ones that fly around your head won tleave you alone but you cant seem to get rid of of it no matter how hard you try!!!! And if you do happen to hit the stupid fly its not dead.........ooooooh nooooo!!! All you did was break off a limb and piss it off, soon it calls its buddies and you have a swarm around you and you feel like a freaking moose from the discovery channel that has all those flies around his head!!! So yeah Krishna guys i had lke 5 of them come up to me trying to give me books on Yoga and some other crap that i kept saying no to. Oh but they dont give up and the kicker was that they would go through this speech give you a book and say "take this for free as a gift" you say thank you and walk away. Conversation over right? WRONG!!!! " oh but we do take donations to cover expenses" "oh sorry brotha i dont have any cash on me" and here comes the best part "NOT EVEN 50 CENTS!!!" and he takes the book back!!!!! I was like what the?!!!!! After the 3rd guy the day came up to me i was ready to kill someone, and all i could do whenever they talked to me was i magine that i was performing a fatality and played shaolin soccer with their head!!! OK ive vented heres some photos.

So now i end this post with this image, it wouldnt be a mass gathering of people without a mullet roaming the streets. While not as grand a specimen as some of the ones that my friend Blaine has been able to capture, its not a bad pelt for the wall for my 1st attempt.

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