Thursday, April 05, 2012

Lake Calaveras in bloom.....

A few weeks ago i posted a blog entry with some wildflowers that i went out to shoot. Spring continues forward and everywhere there are patches of color, some are huge fields of yellow flowers while others are tiny flowers that you have to hunt for. I decided to go out in search of more flowers to photograph and take advantage of this time before summer hits and they all wilt and die. My wife and i have been hiking and running with out dogs in some of the back trails at Lake Calavera, last few times we have gone i haven't taken my gear. This gave me an opportunity to just explore and see what areas i would want to visit, yesterday i decided to go out and actually shoot. It was fantastic!! Nice 2 mile hike in and not a person and site and some beautiful light and i was practically in heaven. I plan to go out a few more times and try to capture as much as i can get. I really encourage all of you reading this to go out and explore, i know that i keep saying this but i really feel that its important for us to go out and truly learn to appreciate the beauty of our home. If we don't take the time to do so we will never know what we could lose in the name of human progress. ENJOY!!

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