Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hi! How you going? That would be a typical Australian greeting, took a little getting used to but we got it down in the end. Australia continues to amaze us, its beauty is truly second to none and it is hard to believe that such places exist in the world. Our month here is quickly coming to an end, in some ways it feels like we have been here for years and that this is just home and were on some grand road trip. In other ways it feels like we just got here and it hast sunk in that we are on the other side of the planet, our time here has been some of the best times of our lives, the time we have spent together has brought us closer together. The people that we have met and befriended have changed our lives forever. One thing that i have really taken away from meeting other people from all corners of the world is that we as Americans complain way to much......about everything. Its amazing to hear how people view the US some bad but mostly good and that many still see it as a land of great wonder and opportunity. I for one feel truly blessed to live were we live and despite all the problems we face i think we have it pretty good. Another thing is "no worries", nothing seems to faze the Australian people. While they can be laid back to the point of frustration it is a motto that is rather freeing once you embrace it. I think such thinking comes from living in a place that is constantly changing and is incredibly unforgiving. Theres an understanding that things happen and you can either make the best of it or you can complain to no avail but in the end it all works out. I have not the words to adequately express the grandure and the wonder that is Australia, my pictures don't do it justice by any means. The memories and the emotions that our experiences evoke are forever burned in my mind and in my heart, the photos are really just the icing on the cake. This place, any place and its people really have to be experienced in person with a humble understanding that we are blessed for even being able to be there. Im sure that as the weeks go by and we can look back and reflect on our experiences here the impact of this adventure will become more clear and maybe then i will be able to more adequately convey to all of you our amazing time here. For now i hope that you can catch a glimpse through these photos. G'day mates!

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