Saturday, September 10, 2011

Winter approaches....

Despite our recent heat wave there are signs that summer is releasing its hot grip and making way for its chilly cousin, winter. Nowhere is it more evident that in the coastal regions where the ocean never ceases its relentless attack upon the coast. Here the waters churn and swirl, they pound into the coast with unimaginable ferocity it is here that winters coming chill can be felt the most. It is but a faint feeling of cold right now, but as the days grow shorter that chill will become a permanent fixture in So Cal. Our 80 degree paradise will give way to a freezing 60 degree nightmare that will send all so cal residents running for their fireplaces and taking shelter in, heaven forgive us, pants sweaters and shoes. It is a nightmarish scenario that none of us want to think about.........but it is coming make no mistake. Yesterday afternoon i got a glimpse of the impending doom when i went shooting at the beach, seeing that the cloud cover was broken up but relatively thick i knew that an "epic" sunset was not going to happen. Still there was potential, it wasn't going to be the suns intense golden light that we all love but a more subdued pastel kind of sunset. Turns out my instincts were right and while that golden light never surfaced there was still a lot to take in and i am grateful i was able to go out. I am a big proponent to revisiting areas that i have already photographed, to think that you can photograph an area once and think that you have captured it is really kind of arrogant. Light is not that predictable or boring, every minute of every day light falls on a subject differently than the day before, giving you endless possibilities to the scene before you. With that in mind i decided to revisit the cliffs, i had photographed them in the golden light of sunset before and it was spectacular. Yesterday though, there was mood to it a dark brooding feeling to it that cannot be described, i knew that the tide would be high and i had never been able to photograph it at that time as it is to dangerous to do so from my usual spot. So i decided to to go and see if i could find a new vantage point from where i could take some shots. Man am i glad i made that decision, everything was there the cliffs in all of their grandeur, dark moody clouds reflecting just a little of the suns color, and the ocean.....violent, churning and relentless. This is what i crave, this is where i lose myself not in pretty colors but in the untamed fury of nature and as the suns rays tried in vane to escape their prison of clouds the heat of summer dwindled away and the chill of winter was there lingering.......ever-present. Reminding me that it is coming........i for one look forward to its return and the foul weather it brings :) Enjoy!

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