Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visiting the home of Joshuas Tree.....

Last weekend we went camping with our Growth Group out to Joshua Tree National Park. We had a great time visiting Jumbo Rock, sitting around the campfire making smores and hiking around. I had some chances here and there to take some photos, took a bunch of panoramas (i wont post them here because they are huge and want to figure out a way to display them big). On the hike out to skull rock ( wich by the way was a little disappointing) we encountered a rattle snake wich really made my day being able to photograph it. The only thing that i was really bummed about was that i left my extension tube back at the car so i wasnt able to get any closer. Also did some night photos wich was a lot of fun, did a 40 minute exposure that 1st night wich came out pretty good in my opinion. So here are some pictures for you to enjoy, ill post some photos of our group later on or in a later post. Enjoy!

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