Thursday, February 11, 2010

A weekend in the snow......

Last weekend i got to spend the weekend with the college group running around in the snow and throwing said snow at people. The majority of my time was spent doing sound for the worship team, taking photos of people hanging out but i was also able to get a way for a little bit to shoot some landscape photos and hang out with some of the students. Most importantly thought i was able to let go a little bit and get some time to worship and recharge. Theres lots going on with life in general right now, many questions go unanswered, looking for direction...........i think after holding so much back i just finally broke down. It was good and felt refreshing, for that i am grateful. For now all i can do is move forward keep seeking the Lord and pray that HE makes things clearer to me...........i dont want to make this all about me so here some photos from the weekend. Enjoy!!

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