Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My inner child LOVES planes!!!

So its been a while since i posted anything else from our visit to North Carolina, but there are things that take priority and need to be done. Never the less i still have a bunch of photos that i need to go through and process that i havent even touched, i take some time here and there to process through a few photos when i can. Expect more pictures from North Carolina, but expect them to be pretty spaced out. With that said let get to it, ill try to keep this as brief as possible. While we were out there my brother showed what has become one of my favorite spots in NC. While i do have a deep love for nature and all of the beautiful things that God has created, there is a big part of me that has a great fascination with the things that mankind has made. I drool over cool buildings, gadgets, machinery and especially planes. I LOVE PLANES!!!My brother told me about some spots near his house where you could go see airplanes take off and land, theres an actual overlook area where people can go park and watch the airplanes. It was fun seeing kids out there just amazed by these machines and i was right there with them, excited beyond belief. As much as i loved that overlook there was another spot that i truly fell in love with. Its directly in the flight path of the landing planes, so you have these MASSIVE airliners flying a few hundred feet above was INCREDIBLE! I took A LOT of photos, and after while they all started looking the same but i didnt care i was having a blast. Everything was there, beautiful clouds, planes, and sunset. There was a down side/funny part to all i was heading back to meet my wife and my brother i was stopped by a TSA officer. The world post 9/11 is very different so i was shocked that there was a place like this where you could be so close to the planes, but as i was taking photos i knew that i would eventually have to deal with the authorities. Im sure someone called in and told them i was there, and i cant blame them im out there with a huge tripod and camera that looks like a bazooka to some people. At first the officer had a little bit of an attitude with me, but i kept my cool was very respectful and cooperative. Afterall he was just doing his job and its comforting knowing that they are out there checking stuff out, after he saw that i wasnt a threat he was actually a really nice guy and thanked me for being so cooperative. For all you photographers out there, just remember that keeping your cool and being cooperative will go a long way when dealing with the authorities. Just keep some identification with you and do what they ask, let them search your stuff if need be..............much better than mouthing off and being a tool. Well so much for keeping this short! Oh well. Heres some photos......enjoy!!


milon said...

I am MILON.From Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

last few days our group held a similar talk on this topic and you show something we haven't covered yet, thanks.

- Kris