Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving in North Carolina!

I know that this is late and i havent been updating the blog, my apologies to you all. Jen and i flew out to visit my brother and his wife here in North Carolina, we flew out thanksgiving day and so we had Thanksgiving dinner a few days later. Danny and Marci took us to their church that morning. They go to a Messianic Jewish church, the service was a lot of fun and was really refreshing for me. After the service we came home and my brother began to prepare dinner. I had never realized really how much of a good cook Danny had become until now. He made a delicious dinner! We had a blast hanging out with a bunch of his friends from his church, meeting new people, enjoying the warmth of my brothers friends and community who have all been incredibly welcoming to us. Anywho, we have had a blast so far and are a little sad that our time is coming to an end, many more posts are coming so stay tuned.

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