Friday, November 27, 2009

Rockin Thanksgiving North Carolina Style!!!

Ok so its been forever now since ive posted but here i am still alive, Jen and I are in North Carolina visiting my brother Danny and his wife Marcy. We havent done Thanksgiving yet, were actually doing that tomorrow after church with a bunch of Danny's friends. Its been a lot of fun catching up with Danny and seeing some of the area close to his house.........HOLY COW!!! This place is freaking awesome!! So many lakes and trees and cool looking parks!! Unfortunately we missed the peak of the fall colors and are here at the tail end of it but there still some leaves here and there that provide some nice color. It seriously amazes me how once you leave California everything seems to really geared towards maintaining community, just the amount of big parks and walking trails out here are a testament to that. I just always see people talking with their neighbors and walking with each other, unlike California were everything and everyone seems so distant and lonely..........i think if we hadn't bought a house we would move here in a heart beat! Went on a cool walk at this park today, super fun just walking and talking and taking pictures along the way..........i guess to summarize.......I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Heres a few pics from today.

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Unknown said...

Hi Renzo and Jen,
Good to hear you're enjoying Thanksgiving in North Carolina. Are you near Davidson, NC? That's where Greta went to college... and we really enjoyed visiting her there, too. Love, Aunt Marcia