Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the posting begin!!

Im back in the game!! A delicious new toy came in and i have it all set up and running, ill be posting "opening" ceremony photos soon, in the mean time i have been using the time to get caught up on the massive amounts of photos from Hawaii, weddings that needed to be finished, portrait shoots that needed processing, shooting shooting shooting..........its feels crazy at times but its exciting also. Ive really enjoyed going over the Hawaii photos from this year and seeing just how incredibly different they are from anything i have taken i years past. Also refining editing techniques so some photos have been re-processed to look a lot more natural than before, all part of the learning experience. So yeah, stay tuned to the blog cus the coming weeks i will be posting a lot as more and more stuff gets finished and i make more time to go out and shoot. 1st off as promised Hawaii photos, these are from all 3 islands that we visited on our 3 1/2 week stay this summer. Enjoy!!

North Shore on the Big Island, you can only explore this area in a jeep.

Heading toward the south side of the island, we shot the sunrise there. This was before the sun had come out.

Sunset on the beautiful North Shore of the Big Island

Rainbow Falls in the morning on the Hilo side of the Big Island

Boggie Boarder catching a wave in Anahola Bay Kauai

Beautiful waves at sunset in Anahola Bay Kauai

Sea turtle at a white sand beach on the Big Island

Great vistas off the side of the road on Maui

The Gorgeous Iao Valley in Maui

5 Photo composite of rainbow falls on the Hilo side of the Big Island

Threadfin Butterfly fish

A small school of Yellow Tangs in Honaunau on the Big Island

Snorkeling Molokini 2.5 miles off the island of Maui, not sure what kind of fish these are.

Sea Turtle at Tunnels beach on Kaui

Sea Turtle at Lawai on the island of Kaui

Sea Turtle swimming the reef at Ke'e Beach on the North Shore of Kaui

Photographer and our tour boat at Molokini on Maui

Our tour boat at Molokini on Maui

Stair through the forest on the short hike to the Seven Sacred Pools on Maui

Wild flowers on Kaui

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