Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Giving credit where credit is due......

Its true, every photographer likes to hear and know that his or her work is appreciated or dare i say loved. Its nice to know that your work is appreciated, this is specially true in wedding photography. Happy clients equals word of mouth business, with the business having a central figure (the photographer, in this case me) the one that meets with the clients, books the sessions, shoots a majority of the photos and as all the photos are being enjoyed and ooh'ed and aah'ed by the aforementioned happy clients the photographer is the one who gets ALL OF THE CREDIT! Yet the question must be posed. What about the assistant? Thus this question brings us to the ultimate purpose of this post, because in all honesty while yes i am the one who has all of the weird ideas i truly would not be where i am today with out my assistant. It is and awesome coincidence that my assistant is also my wife! It is unfortunate though that few people realize that so many of the photos that they love come not from me but from my wife, the one who hangs back behind me while i shoot all of the "important" stuff and shoots incredibly beautiful candid moments. Little slices of time that would be forever lost to fallible human memory were it not for her, she hangs back and captures these wonderful things with great skill and precision. Still this is not what makes her so amazing........what makes her so amazing is the fact that she takes an incredible burden upon herself by being my assistant. 1st of all she has to deal with me and my impatience all day long ( no easy task ) but more amazingly when she shoots a wedding with me she is giving up an entire day out of her weekend, her time to rest from her full time job as an amazingly skilled accountant. To some this may seem like a random thing to post on the blog, but for me it is important to note that what i do i do not do alone. Greatness must be recognized from time to time and Jens talent has hung in the shadows long enough. In my wife i see greatness and an ability to capture touching moment that can bring tears to the eyes of a client. Be it a small detail in decoration, a smile on a loved one, or that boisterous laugh from someone they love, these things are very special to a bride and groom for they experience so few of these moments on their big day. How blessed am i to have a partner helping me with the ability and sensitivity to captures these wonderful moments. Where would i be without you Jen? Not something that i care to fathom, from the bottom of my heart i thank you Jen you make my job so much easier and enjoyable. I love you and delight in your growth behind the lens.

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