Friday, May 15, 2009

Let the craziness begin!

On wednesday i did a senior portrait session for a lovely girl named Sofia. It was so much fun and a surprise too, before the shoot Sofia had told me that she might be a little "lost" in front of the camera since this was the 1st actual photo shoot she had done. To my surprise she did incredibly well, it all went so smoothly and felt like it was so little effort, her mom came a long and it was nice to have her there as she provided some candid moment for me to capture. We shot at the Bonsall Bridge ( i seem to be shooting a lot there lately), no complaints here though as i have enjoyed the challenge of trying to pull something fresh and new from the area. Sofia you did awesome!! Thanks for being such a great sport, im not going to write much more as i have to wake up early in the morning for a wedding and then we have a nother wedding on Sunday. Then more portrait work coming up and some stuff for the magazine and soon ill be in Hawaii for 3 1/2 weeks of time with my lovely wife and non stop is sooooo good! Heres a few photos from Wednesday, ill post some more after this crazy weekend is over. Enjoy!

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Mark Garrett said...

zoooo i love the fifth photo! the warm and cool contrast gives me tingles...diigg it!