Monday, April 13, 2009

Living in my cave of solitude....

The blog as you can very well see has not been updated in a while. I have spent the last several weeks catching up on the huge amount of editing that needed to get done. While i was hoping to be caught up and moved onto other things this week it just didnt work out that way. This whole week a have been incredibly sick, while i tried to get some work done i couldnt do more than a 30 minute to an hour stretch at a time before i would start feeling really dizzy. So bedridden i was for the entire week resting as much as i could, still one can only do so much and watch so many movies before you start to lose your mind. To keep my sanity i did manage to go through some photos, seeing as how our Trip to hawaii is quickly approaching i thought it would be nice to go back and explore some of the images from last years trip. Alot of these are underwater images and some you may have already seen from previous posts, while im not really into rehashing old photos i did find it fun going back and employing some better editing techniques. The biggest difference is in the underwater photos by far, this new round of photos has a lot more color and punch to them. Anywho, now its back to work and getting as much done as humanly possible, would be nice to feel 100% though. I still cant seem to get my balance back and feel dizzy and queazy but i think i just have to power through it. Enjoy the photos until the next update......which i will try to to do as soon as possible.

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