Sunday, December 07, 2008

And im back in the game!!!!

So after an extremely long break from updating the blog i am now back trying to slowly bring it up to speed. While somethings have started to settle other things have begun to surface bringing with it busyness and its share of stresses. Yet we press on and look forward to overcoming these future challenges. Im hoping that in the coming weeks i will be able to get out more and more to shoot some photos and also with all the things that i have been learning with editing and shooting i might release some old photos with new edits and you might notice some changes in the shooting style. For now here is the 1st post (with photos this time) these post will not be in any chronological order as there are some that i will post that the photos are several moths old, but i hope that you enjoy them. I am currently in San Francisco shooting an event for a friend of mine, yesterday i flew in and we shot some photos with his family. After i had all day to myself, so i took the BART into SF and walked around ALL day and shot many many photos. After walking all day long with a 40 plus pound bag on my back i am extremely exhausted and sore. It was a blast though and it was great to get out and shoot some photos for me. It was an incredibly refreshing experience. As i walked around i didnt really have any set agenda for what i wanted to shoot, but i will say that these photos are not what i usually shoot. I seem to have gone more for patterns or textures than anything else.......really i just shot what looked good to me or what i shot was cool. So there you have it, now im off to bed to try and get some sleep not sure if i will head into the city again today but i will try to if i can get some time. Enjoy!!!!

Of course no trip into the city would be complete without a shot of Alcatraz!!


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freakin sweet!!! I love the picture with the green vines. Did you use the lens baby for the picture of the bike?