Monday, October 30, 2006

The World.....

Is so much cooler when you see it through a lens!!! So this past Friday one of my wife's fiends got married down at Balboa Park, since my wife had to work that day we decided that I would ride down with her and she would drop me off at Balboa. I spent the ENTIRE day just walking around shooting all day long, what an amazing way to spend the day. I didn't spend a lot of time photographing the buildings or anything since that what everyone shoots, but I spent a lot of time in the botanical garden house and did a lot of flower pictures. It was fun.......and hot!! While I was in there I ran into a group of elementary students that were at the park learning about photography so they all had these little disposable film cameras and were taking pictures of everything. The teacher that was with them saw me and I hear this "kids were in luck!!! A real life photographer!!!" So there I was surrounded by little elementary school kids asking me all these questions, it was really cute. Afterwards my wife and I went to her friends wedding and it was in the Museum of Photographic Art........How cool is that? The wedding was fun, the museum was amazing albeit the exhibit right now has to do with the road to "El Norte". Basically its a documentation of what immigrants go through to get to the puts a lump in your throat to say the least and for me it was close to home. If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend it but be forewarned it is depressing and I recommend some tissues. It was fun to spend time with my wife and actually go to a wedding with her, she usually goes a lone since I have always had to work or have had to shoot the wedding, it was a lot of fun. So yes, Friday was an amazing day. Hope you like the photos, and leave some comments people the keyboard doesn't bite you know. I will only post some on here the rest of them will be up on my EasySite so check there tomorrow to see all of them if you like. Until next time, Shalom.

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